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Our Service


♦ Quality assurance

We have a professional production R&D team and rich market experience. For different instruments, we provide corresponding CE, FDA certificates to ensure the quality of the instruments.

Product procurement

For other products needed by our customers, we have a complete supply chain and reliable product suppliers, as well as an experienced procurement team that can go deep into the market, provide our customers with diversified product requirements, and walk in the market The frontier.

Quality inspection:

Our instruments will have a quality inspection process before leaving the factory, and the products are always carefully checked for any manufacturing and design defects before shipment. Our inspectors will also check the products removed from the shelves to ensure that they are consistent with the products required by the order. Then our own quality control team conducts another inspection of your product, from the inside to the outside



♦ Customization service

We provide product customization services, including logo customization, instrument interface customization, instrument language customization, and so on. For customers who plan to open beauty salons, we also provide equipment customization based on local market conditions. For specific details, you can consult our professional salespersons.

Wholesale services

We are a professional beauty equipment supplier. In addition to supporting direct orders, we also provide equipment wholesale services. For some popular equipment in the market, we set up different price ladders and corresponding discounts according to the purchase volume. , Please consult our professional sales staff for specific details

Drop-shipping service

We have a wealth of production lines and suppliers can provide drop shipping services for customers who are engaged in the e-commerce industry and shop online. You only need to place an order in our mall, and we will send it for you. For goods and after-sales service, please refer to the "drop-shipping" page for details, or contact our sales staff

Delivery service

Under normal circumstances (in working days), when the customer places an order, it will usually be shipped within 3-5 days. If it is a bulk order or customized product, the delivery time needs to be confirmed with the salesperson.

Promotional activities

In order to give customers a better experience, we will launch various preferential activities, new product promotions, wholesale discounts, etc. on various festivals. For specific promotional information, please pay attention to our mall homepage or subscribe to our mailbox , We will send preferential emails from time to time.

Other cooperation modes

If you want to become our distributor or agent or other cooperation modes, please contact our sales staff.



Once your product leaves our door, we are still here to help. Vemeidic's customer service team is always working behind the scenes to meet your every need and inquiry. We track your shipment and answer any questions at your convenience, whether through live chat or other contact methods. No matter what the problem is, we are always at your service. 


Normally, we provide a one-year warranty service, free replacement parts within 6 month (note that this part is not damaged by humans).
PS: During the warranty time, the replacement parts are free, but the freight of the parts is not included, and the freight needs to be paid by the buyer



In order to allow customers to use the instrument better, we provide product manuals and installation videos. If customers have questions during the installation process, they can contact our after-sales staff at any time


For every customer of vemeidic, we will establish an after-sales group, which will have our sales, after-sales customer service, and professional engineers. When customers need questions, they can give feedback in the group. Our after-sales group Staff or engineers will answer your questions.


We provide instrument manuals, operating videos, and maintenance videos to help customers better understand the instrument and learn the operation of the instrument. Please rest assured that most of our instruments are easy to operate. If there is a problem, You can contact our after-sales staff

 Liability for breach of contract

The buyer shall be responsible for compensation for losses caused to the seller due to overdue payment, return of goods midway, refusal to accept goods, and other reasons.
If the seller causes actual losses to the buyer due to overdue delivery, the seller shall make corresponding compensation


 Force majeure

In the process of manufacturing or shipment, if the seller delays delivery or fails to deliver due to force majeure events, the seller shall not bear the corresponding responsibility, but the seller shall notify the buyer in time.