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Return Policy

Do you support refund ?

yes, we support return with 30 days after shipping, more information, welcome to contact us.([email protected]/ [email protected])

How to return products to the supplier?

If you want to return the goods for a refund.
Step1. Contact and send an email to us for after-sales service, specifying the reason for the refund, order number, and purchase time for us to inquire (email: [email protected]/ [email protected])

Step2. After-sales check whether the products are shipped within 30 days, about 3-7 working days, will send you a reply email.

Step3. the after-sales service will provide you with a solution based on the reason for the refund or after the negotiation between the two parties is completed and there is no objection, the refund will be agreed.

Step4. After agreeing to the refund, please return the products to the address we provide. At the same time, you need to write in the mail, the sender, the order number, the order number of the goods, the shipping address, and the refund account. And other information. (If the information is incomplete, it will cause the after-sales service to be unable to process the return, and the return time will be extended)

Step5. Receive the email after the sale, and make sure that the instrument has arrived at the manufacturer, and the refund will be returned to your account within 5-7 working days